The commitment is a significant milestone for Whitespace Group as it underscores the company’s commitments to improving its ESG strategy and marks a pivotal step in its ambitious sustainability program.

Greenly, founded in 2019, is a global carbon management platform labelled B-Corp, which helps companies measure, monitor, and reduce their carbon footprint while also allowing them to create audit-grade reporting through the ADEME & GHG Protocol methodologies.

Whitespace Group chose to collaborate with Greenly due to the platform’s exceptional approach to communication and ability to actively engage employees in sustainability efforts. Greenly’s platform not only boasts a sleek and modern design but also provides and intuitive user experience that resonates with Whitespace Group’s workforce.

Alya Khalidi, Sustainability and Social Impact Manager at Whitespace Group, said: “We’re really excited to continue our carbon reporting journey with Greenly as our new partner. It’s a lesson in transparency, accountability and a great step toward creating a more sustainable events industry.”

Using Greenly will enable accurate carbon accounting across Whitespace Group’s operations, allowing the company to identify areas for improvement and strengthen its sustainable practices. It allows us to create greater transparency and accuracy of sustainable impact within our business practices. By actively involving employees, Whitespace Group aims to foster a culture of sustainability and inspire positive action throughout the organisation. 

This commitment is a testament to Whitespace Group’s ongoing perseverance to delivering exceptional exhibition experiences whilst prioritising sustainability. By embracing innovative solutions and engaging stakeholders, Whitespace Group continues to lead the way in empowering people and organisations to thrive.

About Greenly

Founded in October 2019 by Alexis Normand (CEO, ex-Health Director of Withings, HEC, Sciences-Po, passed through the Boston office of Withings and Techstars), Matthieu Vegreville (CTO, X-Telecom, data  scientist at Withings) and Arnaud Delubac (CMO, ESSEC-Centrale, INSEE, previously in charge of digital communication in the Prime Minister’s office), Offspend SAS launched Greenly in January 2020, the  world’s first carbon accounting platform with nearly 1,000 corporate clients in France, the UK and the USA.  Greenly’s climate tech now enables all companies, regardless of their size or sector, to contribute to the fight against global warming, starting with  a simple measurement of their CO2 emissions. Once the assessment has been carried out, Greenly helps them to define a roadmap to help them align themselves with a Net Zero Contributor trajectory.  Greenly obtained the B-Corp label in September 2022 and intends to make its expertise available to the community.

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